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Read and Tell background


"Amber Brown is Not a Crayon" -Danziger

"Because of Winn Dixie" -DiCamillo

"Bud, Not Buddy" -Curtis

"Bunnicula" -Howe

"Ella Enchanted" -Levine

"Freckle Juice" -Blume

"The Great Gilly Hopkins" -Paterson

"Hatchet" -Paulson

"Indian in the Cupboard" -Banks

"Julie of the Wolves" -George

"Little House on the Prarie" -Wilder

"The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe" - Lewis

"Maniac Magee" -Spinelli

"Missing May" -Rylant

"Muggie Maggie" -Cleary

"My Side of the Mountain" -George

"Number The Stars" -Lowry

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"Out of the Dust" -Hesse

"The Outsiders" -Hinton

"Red Badge of Courage" -Craine

"Roll of Thunder, Hear Me Cry" -Taylor

"Sarah, Plain and Tall" -MacLachlan

"The Secret Garden" -Burnett

"The Secret School" -Avi

"The Sign of the Beaver" -Speare

"She's Wearing a Dead Bird on her Head" -Laskey

"Stone Fox" -Gardenier

"Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing" - Blume

"There's a Boy in the Girls' Bathroom" -Sachar

"Thunder Cake" -Polacco

"The Trumpet of the Swan" -White

"The Whipping Boy" -Fleis


Teacher Editions Require:

PixWriter v3.2+ & Adobe Reader or PDF reader

Student Editions Require:

Adobe Reader or other PDF reader

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